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Hello & welcome to spacecoach.org. This blog is about space exploration and travel, but also a lot more. I’m going to be talking about my day-to-day life and what I’ve been up to. 75% of this blog will probably be random day-to-day stuff, and 25% about outer space and cool stuff I find!

A little bit about me.

My name is Benjamin I work as a teacher ( Science) and while I do enjoy my work, I’ve always loved space. I had a little chat with one of my students and the next thing you know I’m inspired to create this website/blog. I’m married with 2 kids, and other then teaching and space have very little hobbies unfortunately! I do have an interest in Politics, but generally keep that to myself, since it’s very decisive.

Want to connect with me? You can reach me at Benjamin@spacecoach.org


How I found cheap auto insurance

I already get decent auto coverage for a decent price. I don’t pay an obscene amount and I’m covered for most occasions. For the bulk of things that are likely to happen out on the road, I’m safe and I should be OK. My excesses are relatively small and I like to think I’m fairly financially responsible. So any excesses that come up that I do have to pay, I can reasonably expect to pay them without much hassle or trouble.

But, I know I can get a better deal. My deal is fine but I know I can get better and now I’m having to renew, I want better. I want better coverage so that I’m fully covered and taken care of if anything happens, unlike what I have now, car insurance with no deposit. No matter how crazy or rare the occurrence, I want to know that my auto insurance company has my back completely and can take care of me in any eventuality. So I’ve started looking for the cheapest full coverage auto insurance I could find.

Whilst my excesses aren’t high, I still believe I can get cheaper. I can manage my current excesses if they arise and I have to pay them but I’m sure I can find a company out there that has even lower excesses; negligible excesses that aren’t even worth thinking about. That’s the kind of thing that I want.

I also want to pay less than I’m currently paying every month. I want cheap auto insurance. My current agreement is fairly cheap and quite reasonable, but it’s not cheap cheap. I want cheap.

So who has the cheapest auto insurance? Which company can give me all of what I want? Who can give me the cheap monthly rate, the low excesses and the great level of coverage?

I’ve been thoroughly searching for just who has the cheapest auto insurance online and I’m slowly narrowing down my search on a few select companies. Finding cheap insurance is the easy part. The hard part is finding cheap auto insurance that actually give you good coverage and have low excesses. There’s no point in paying low monthly rates if you’re going to become bankrupt by the exorbitant excesses. Nor is there any benefit to having cheap monthly rates but zero coverage. That’s one of the main reasons why my very cheap car insurance with no deposit wasn’t such a good deal; which I bought here: verycheapcarinsurancenodeposit.org. It didn’t cover anything.


This month has just been bills, bills, bills. Luckily, there’s an end in sight! I’ve spent the whole thing changing policies, accounts and who knows what else, trying to cut down my monthly budget so that me and darling husband can actually buy a place instead of renting. It’s been exhausting, but, with a bunch of research and time, I’ve managed to do it! One of the big things I found helpful was changing to car insurance with no down payment. Don’t confuse this with very cheap car insurance no deposit, by the way. They’re similar but not the same thing. This freed up a bit of money for me to play around with elsewhere, which was an absolute blessing.

I’d just kind of assumed that all car insurance worked the same way – find a policy, agree to the terms, put down a deposit. But having done some research this year, I’ve found there’s much more to it than that. Firstly, as I said, you can find no down payment car insurance. This is already a huge difference from what I thought! I also looked online, meaning I could adjust as I went – being able to change your monthly amount and see how it affects the deductible and coverage was really useful. I compared rates here if you’re looking for some insurance as well:  http://www.insurancecaffe.com

I’ve avoided going too cheap – I know I could have saved more money by having third party only insurance, but I’m trying to think long term here. Whilst that might have saved me money upfront, if anything happened I’d be in much more trouble. So I’m paying more for comprehensive cover, with the knowledge that I don’t have to worry as much if disaster strikes in the future (fingers crossed that it won’t).

My monthly payments are higher than they could have been, but I’d rather have freed up that extra money now for while I’m re-budgeting, because it gives me more options. Besides, I managed to find a new little new customer deal by swapping, so it’s very similar in cost to my old one, but with lower deductibles and no down payment. Anyway, this is the cheapest car insurance in Texas, that’s for sure. As long as it cheap and good that’s all that matters! I’m also paying a lot less than I did for car insurance in ga; which is surprising!

So with the insurance and energy bills out of the way, it’s time to move on to my next month of budgeting-  looking at everyday spend. Wish me luck!


No Deposit For New Drivers

I’m sorry to break it to you. But if you’re a new driver, you’re probably a bad driver. And that’s something that car insurance companies recognise.

New drivers (especially young new drivers) end up paying way more for insurance cover than their more experienced counterparts. And while you can’t take completely discount the fact that if you’re new on the road, you’re much more likely to end up in an accident. There are a few things you can do to try and close the gap between your car insurance quote and the lowest cost of cover.

Buy the right car

Some cars are cheaper to insure than others. And if you’re after very cheap car insurance no deposit then it will pay to avoid a top of the range sports car as your first set of wheels.

Buy a car with the safety features to avoid theft (or alternatively a car that no one would want to steal). And a small engine (so that you can’t drive like a maniac no matter how hard you press the peddle to the floor). And watch your insurance quote drop.

Take a new drivers course

Because learning to drive right after you’ve just learned how to drive makes perfect sense. But practice makes perfect and it lowers insurance quotes, so bare that in mind when searching.

Add your car to your parent’s policy

If you still live at home obviously. Multi-vehicle policies are often cheaper than taking out a policy of your own right off the bat. And it will give you a chance to earn a good driving reputation.

Add your car insurance to your home insurance

Try and throw as many things together to get the cheapest rates.

These are all things that can reduce the amount you pay is you’re a new driver. But to be honest, you’ll always have to pay significantly more than older and more experienced drivers. The lower rates come with time.

Compare insurance rates

Use an online quotes comparison site like: http://www.verycheapcarinsurancenodeposit.com/ to find insurance companies and compare them.


]I’ve already done a part one somewhere. But there are so many things I don’t understand I had to write a sequel.

I don’t understand how people know anything about wine.

Wine, to me, tastes like wine. And when they pour a small amount into my glass in a restaurant and wait for my verdict. I just take a sip and nod my approval. I have no real idea as to whether it’s OK or not. It could be a glass of human waste and I’d still allow it to be poured to the rest of the table. So if you ever go to dinner with me, sorry in advance.

I don’t understand why everyone hates Nickelback.

I mean, I’m not a fan or anything. But I really don’t understand what’s so terrible about them that it brings people together in mutual ill feeling. I have never met a fellow British person, American or Canadian that doesn’t share this weird opinion. And I’m just going to put it out there and make myself unpopular. But I would rather listen to Nickelback than Coldplay. Possibly the most depressing band of all time.

I don’t understand how all of the loan companies near me are still in business. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know how the money order places near me are alive still. Who uses them?

I mean, if you visit my hometown, you’ll see an entire street full of them. Are people just making their way down the road taking out loans at each and every one? I guess so. And that seems irresponsible.

I don’t understand how people aren’t terrified of horses.

Horses have metal feet. And they’re much bigger than humans. They spook easily. And when they get scared they kick! That’s terrifying! I don’t want to be kicked in the head by a metal foot!

I don’t understand how smoking came about.

Did someone just turn around one day and say ‘you know what would make my day better. Inhaling some smoke into my lungs’. That actually goes for the first time most things we do happened. Who was the first person to think we could drink cows milk?

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I just got back from a week long vacation in Bacalar mexico, and it was amazing. So amazing that I’ve decided to share my experience of mexico, and particularly of the Bacalar region

Hoteles en Bacalar are dripping with authentic Caribbean culture. Whether I want to get away for a romantic vacation or take the whole family, I prefer the atmosphere in Bacalar. You will, too, if you’re tired of artificial environments and crave a location that’s real with a strong dose of natural beauty, you will love Bacalar.

Much more than its famous multi-colored lagoon, Bacalar, in the state of Quintana Roo, offers visitors a rustic small town “feel,” although its loaded with beauty and history. My favorite relaxing vacation destination was formerly Aruba.

Now it is Bacalar! This town makes no false promises – it just exists as it has for many years. If you’d like to recline on a spectacular Caribbean-like beach, while surrounded by an impressive jungle, you will love Bacalar.

With numerous colorful buildings, Bacalar, looks like a typical small Caribbean village. Having spent time over the years in numerous Caribbean villages, I prefer Bacalar for its colorful, picturesque, natural beauty.

The Environment

I love lazy floating in the natural swimming pool that is the famous warm water lagoon that Bacalar is noted for. The lagoon’s seven shades of blue are graphic beauty that also is unique in the world.

When you seek a picturesque spot to relax and get comfy, Bacalar is the ideal destination. It seems to me that the locals are almost always celebrating something, so you won’t be bored, but you probably will become welcomed as a celebrant. In my opinion, this is a magical village.

Hoteles en Bacalar

If you want beachfront accommodations in Bacalar you’ll love the Hotel Rancho Encantado. With its spa and outdoor pool, you’ll enjoy the best of all worlds. In addition, I enjoy the free continental breakfast, free parking, and free WiFi, as much as I enjoy the private beach.

On the shores of Lake Bacalar, this hotel has an outstanding rating (4.7 out of 5.0) for good reasons. Staying here is like being at home. If you bring the family, you will enjoy the free crib or infant bed if you have a young child, there are extra beds available for your bigger kids.bacalar beach

I also love the complimentary refrigerators, the private bathrooms, the garden, and the convenient terrace. As you might expect, the views are fabulous, since this hotel is right on the shore of the lake. With only 12 rooms this hotel fits the norm in Bacalar: Small, intimate, and high-quality lodging.  You will love it, as I do.

Another outstanding choice of hotels en Bacalar is Toto Blue Hotel Boutique, only a 5-minute walk from the incredible lagoon. This hotel is small (only 10 rooms), clean, and features fabulous décor.

Toto Blue is a great example of an outstanding boutique hotel, with a wonderful restaurant and a cozy bar/lounge. Hotel accommodations feature private bathrooms, cable TV, hair dryers, and flat-panel TVs.

I can recommend either of these options with confidence. There are other equally comfortable choices. Typically, your preference for beachfront or a town center location will influence your choice of accommodations.

In all cases, the town of Bacalar and its outstanding lagoon, are the primary reasons you will love this location. Since there are no mega-hotel complexes, all the Bacalar hotels are intimate and “homey,” stressing relaxation, fresh seafood, and family-friendly activities.


How I improved my tennis game this week


I don’t normally talk about my day to day life, but I decided sharing this would be helpful to some people. I pay tennis, a lot! I’ve been playing with my wife recently, and I decide to write about ways she could improve her tennis game.

I am an avid player of tennis right since my childhood days. But, about ten days ago, a very young player who had been watching me play tennis suddenly asked me if I could, off-hand, give him ten tips to improve his tennis. I promptly told him that I had been playing the game for a long time and said, “I can definitely give you ten tips to improve your tennis.” I don’t really know as to what prompted me to say so. However, when I gave it a serious thought, I asked myself if I could really give him ten tips to improve his tennis, spontaneously. The answer I got was an emphatic “No”.

But today, I can easily tell anyone, “I can give you ten tips to improve your tennis play.” The reason is that I have actually improved my tennis game significantly this last week after pondering over that short chat with the young tennis player. Let me share with you what I did or my ten tips to improve your tennis:

  1. A deep analysis – I thought seriously about what all could lead to me to improve my game and also what all was holding me back and worked on those points.
  2. Improving my fitness – I gave an extra fifteen minutes a day to improving my fitness, whether it was by jogging, exercising or lifting weights, of course by rotation.
  3. Improving on one point every day – I stepped into the court having already decided on what I was going to improve upon in my tennis game that day. And it did wonders, indeed!
  4. Improving footwork – With every passing day, I improved my footwork.
  5. Reducing my serve speed – Instead of serving at 100% velocity, I reduced my serve speed a bit, may be by around 20% or so.
  6. Training with players who were better than me – This too was a big help.
  7. Sticking to one pattern – I paid attention to my strongest shots every day.
  8. Playing a tournament – This gave a big boost to my morale.
  9. Cutting on junk food completely – I cut out on unhealthy food and paid more attention to lean protein and veggie diet.
  10. Exploiting my opponent’s weakness – Though I did it earlier too, now I was paying more attention to this aspect.


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Hey guy’s I know this topic is unrelated to space, but it just made me so mad I had to write about it. For the past 5 years my insurance company ( Not naming names) has been increasing my car insurance rates by about 5%. What for? Absolutely nothing. We’ve had no accidents, didn’t change cars.

Our insurance should be going down not up. I did some research and found out that insurance companies will increase your rates regardless of your driving record. Here’s why:

1.Your to lazy to switch insurance companies if the cost isn’t high enough. A 5% increase for most people isn’t a lot. Most can easily afford to pay so they don’t complain or bother switching insurance companies.cheap auto insurance in NJ

Insurance companies know this and benefit from it. After 5 years of 5% increases that’s a 25% increase in your insurance cost, for absolutely nothing!

I decided to find a new insurance company. I found a great site to compare companies: autoinsurancemonkey

I was able to find cheap auto insurance in NJ for about 35% less than I was paying!

So guys, here’s my advice: Compare! Compare! and Compare!


I don’t normally recommend products or services, but today I will. My good friend Ben has started a search engine optimization company in Mississauga, also know as SEO. SEO is pretty much the process of optimizing your website so it shows up higher in Google. My buddy is really good at this, that’s why I’m recommending him to all my readers!

So if you happen to live in the Mississauga area and need help with SEO, he’s your guy. You can reach him here: http://www.mississaugaseoconsultant.ca/

If you don’t live in Mississauga or Canada for that matter it’s not a problem. He works with clients around the world, so there is no issues.

In other news, I’ve been fired from my job. Long story short, it had nothing to do with me, but generic downsizing ( Who downsizes teachers?, seriously). I’ll create an updated blog post to talk about this.


Hey guys (and girls) it’s been a while since I posted. Not much has happened, except I’ve sprained my back and had to visit a chiropractor. Fortunately my best buddy has a chiropractic clinic, so he gave me a great deal ( Lucky me!).

Here’s how I probably looked when I hurt my back:chiropractor visit

Slightly exaggeration of course. I’m much better looking than the guy in the right.

Anyway this post has nothing to do with my chiropractor, but more to do with his marketing. My buddy has been getting clients like crazy. No idea why. So I asked.

He hired a chiropractic marketing company, called savedbysearch. I was surprised there companies out there who specialize in marketing for chiropractor. How my buddy Jon has been getting his clients is by something called SEO, which is a much easier way of saying search engine optimization.

SEO means optimizing your website to show up higher on Google. I thought it was interesting, so I’ve started learning SEO. I want this website to show up when people Google “space”! I don’t know if I’ll do a good of a job as my friends chiropractic SEO company, but we’ll see.



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Why some YouTube videos get popular

I was looking at some space related videos on YouTube, and a lot of poor results were popping up. Like things not even related to outer space. This got me somewhat interested in how YouTube decides what videos to show. A few minutes of Google later I find this interesting article SEO YouTube.

SEO stands for search engine optimization; which is the process of getting search engine results to show up higher. Well, let’s say a lot of the crappy videos I encountered had some very good SEO, while some awesome videos had no SEO.

It’s unfortunate YouTube’s algorithm can’t punish low quality videos yet, hopefully one day in the future they figure this out. Until then we’re stuck sifting through low quality irrelevant videos to find what we really want.

At the end at least I learned a little about how search engines work; which was very interesting by the way. So if you have a few minutes to spare I recommend checking out the link above, or this site: http://www.boredmarketer.com/