How I found cheap auto insurance

I already get decent auto coverage for a decent price. I don’t pay an obscene amount and I’m covered for most occasions. For the bulk of things that are likely to happen out on the road, I’m safe and I should be OK. My excesses are relatively small and I like to think I’m fairly financially responsible. So any excesses that come up that I do have to pay, I can reasonably expect to pay them without much hassle or trouble.

But, I know I can get a better deal. My deal is fine but I know I can get better and now I’m having to renew, I want better. I want better coverage so that I’m fully covered and taken care of if anything happens, unlike what I have now, car insurance with no deposit. No matter how crazy or rare the occurrence, I want to know that my auto insurance company has my back completely and can take care of me in any eventuality. So I’ve started looking for the cheapest full coverage auto insurance I could find.

Whilst my excesses aren’t high, I still believe I can get cheaper. I can manage my current excesses if they arise and I have to pay them but I’m sure I can find a company out there that has even lower excesses; negligible excesses that aren’t even worth thinking about. That’s the kind of thing that I want.

I also want to pay less than I’m currently paying every month. I want cheap auto insurance. My current agreement is fairly cheap and quite reasonable, but it’s not cheap cheap. I want cheap.

So who has the cheapest auto insurance? Which company can give me all of what I want? Who can give me the cheap monthly rate, the low excesses and the great level of coverage?

I’ve been thoroughly searching for just who has the cheapest auto insurance online and I’m slowly narrowing down my search on a few select companies. Finding cheap insurance is the easy part. The hard part is finding cheap auto insurance that actually give you good coverage and have low excesses. There’s no point in paying low monthly rates if you’re going to become bankrupt by the exorbitant excesses. Nor is there any benefit to having cheap monthly rates but zero coverage. That’s one of the main reasons why my very cheap car insurance with no deposit wasn’t such a good deal; which I bought here: verycheapcarinsurancenodeposit.org. It didn’t cover anything.


Hey guys (and girls) it’s been a while since I posted. Not much has happened, except I’ve sprained my back and had to visit a chiropractor. Fortunately my best buddy has a chiropractic clinic, so he gave me a great deal ( Lucky me!).

Here’s how I probably looked when I hurt my back:chiropractor visit

Slightly exaggeration of course. I’m much better looking than the guy in the right.

Anyway this post has nothing to do with my chiropractor, but more to do with his marketing. My buddy has been getting clients like crazy. No idea why. So I asked.

He hired a chiropractic marketing company, called savedbysearch. I was surprised there companies out there who specialize in marketing for chiropractor. How my buddy Jon has been getting his clients is by something called SEO, which is a much easier way of saying search engine optimization.

SEO means optimizing your website to show up higher on Google. I thought it was interesting, so I’ve started learning SEO. I want this website to show up when people Google “space”! I don’t know if I’ll do a good of a job as my friends chiropractic SEO company, but we’ll see.