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I just got back from a week long vacation in Bacalar mexico, and it was amazing. So amazing that I’ve decided to share my experience of mexico, and particularly of the Bacalar region

Hoteles en Bacalar are dripping with authentic Caribbean culture. Whether I want to get away for a romantic vacation or take the whole family, I prefer the atmosphere in Bacalar. You will, too, if you’re tired of artificial environments and crave a location that’s real with a strong dose of natural beauty, you will love Bacalar.

Much more than its famous multi-colored lagoon, Bacalar, in the state of Quintana Roo, offers visitors a rustic small town “feel,” although its loaded with beauty and history. My favorite relaxing vacation destination was formerly Aruba.

Now it is Bacalar! This town makes no false promises – it just exists as it has for many years. If you’d like to recline on a spectacular Caribbean-like beach, while surrounded by an impressive jungle, you will love Bacalar.

With numerous colorful buildings, Bacalar, looks like a typical small Caribbean village. Having spent time over the years in numerous Caribbean villages, I prefer Bacalar for its colorful, picturesque, natural beauty.

The Environment

I love lazy floating in the natural swimming pool that is the famous warm water lagoon that Bacalar is noted for. The lagoon’s seven shades of blue are graphic beauty that also is unique in the world.

When you seek a picturesque spot to relax and get comfy, Bacalar is the ideal destination. It seems to me that the locals are almost always celebrating something, so you won’t be bored, but you probably will become welcomed as a celebrant. In my opinion, this is a magical village.

Hoteles en Bacalar

If you want beachfront accommodations in Bacalar you’ll love the Hotel Rancho Encantado. With its spa and outdoor pool, you’ll enjoy the best of all worlds. In addition, I enjoy the free continental breakfast, free parking, and free WiFi, as much as I enjoy the private beach.

On the shores of Lake Bacalar, this hotel has an outstanding rating (4.7 out of 5.0) for good reasons. Staying here is like being at home. If you bring the family, you will enjoy the free crib or infant bed if you have a young child, there are extra beds available for your bigger kids.bacalar beach

I also love the complimentary refrigerators, the private bathrooms, the garden, and the convenient terrace. As you might expect, the views are fabulous, since this hotel is right on the shore of the lake. With only 12 rooms this hotel fits the norm in Bacalar: Small, intimate, and high-quality lodging.  You will love it, as I do.

Another outstanding choice of hotels en Bacalar is Toto Blue Hotel Boutique, only a 5-minute walk from the incredible lagoon. This hotel is small (only 10 rooms), clean, and features fabulous décor.

Toto Blue is a great example of an outstanding boutique hotel, with a wonderful restaurant and a cozy bar/lounge. Hotel accommodations feature private bathrooms, cable TV, hair dryers, and flat-panel TVs.

I can recommend either of these options with confidence. There are other equally comfortable choices. Typically, your preference for beachfront or a town center location will influence your choice of accommodations.

In all cases, the town of Bacalar and its outstanding lagoon, are the primary reasons you will love this location. Since there are no mega-hotel complexes, all the Bacalar hotels are intimate and “homey,” stressing relaxation, fresh seafood, and family-friendly activities.