How I improved my tennis game this week


I don’t normally talk about my day to day life, but I decided sharing this would be helpful to some people. I pay tennis, a lot! I’ve been playing with my wife recently, and I decide to write about ways she could improve her tennis game.

I am an avid player of tennis right since my childhood days. But, about ten days ago, a very young player who had been watching me play tennis suddenly asked me if I could, off-hand, give him ten tips to improve his tennis. I promptly told him that I had been playing the game for a long time and said, “I can definitely give you ten tips to improve your tennis.” I don’t really know as to what prompted me to say so. However, when I gave it a serious thought, I asked myself if I could really give him ten tips to improve his tennis, spontaneously. The answer I got was an emphatic “No”.

But today, I can easily tell anyone, “I can give you ten tips to improve your tennis play.” The reason is that I have actually improved my tennis game significantly this last week after pondering over that short chat with the young tennis player. Let me share with you what I did or my ten tips to improve your tennis:

  1. A deep analysis – I thought seriously about what all could lead to me to improve my game and also what all was holding me back and worked on those points.
  2. Improving my fitness – I gave an extra fifteen minutes a day to improving my fitness, whether it was by jogging, exercising or lifting weights, of course by rotation.
  3. Improving on one point every day – I stepped into the court having already decided on what I was going to improve upon in my tennis game that day. And it did wonders, indeed!
  4. Improving footwork – With every passing day, I improved my footwork.
  5. Reducing my serve speed – Instead of serving at 100% velocity, I reduced my serve speed a bit, may be by around 20% or so.
  6. Training with players who were better than me – This too was a big help.
  7. Sticking to one pattern – I paid attention to my strongest shots every day.
  8. Playing a tournament – This gave a big boost to my morale.
  9. Cutting on junk food completely – I cut out on unhealthy food and paid more attention to lean protein and veggie diet.
  10. Exploiting my opponent’s weakness – Though I did it earlier too, now I was paying more attention to this aspect.