This month has just been bills, bills, bills. Luckily, there’s an end in sight! I’ve spent the whole thing changing policies, accounts and who knows what else, trying to cut down my monthly budget so that me and darling husband can actually buy a place instead of renting. It’s been exhausting, but, with a bunch of research and time, I’ve managed to do it! One of the big things I found helpful was changing to car insurance with no down payment. Don’t confuse this with very cheap car insurance no deposit, by the way. They’re similar but not the same thing. This freed up a bit of money for me to play around with elsewhere, which was an absolute blessing.

I’d just kind of assumed that all car insurance worked the same way – find a policy, agree to the terms, put down a deposit. But having done some research this year, I’ve found there’s much more to it than that. Firstly, as I said, you can find no down payment car insurance. This is already a huge difference from what I thought! I also looked online, meaning I could adjust as I went – being able to change your monthly amount and see how it affects the deductible and coverage was really useful. I compared rates here if you’re looking for some insurance as well:

I’ve avoided going too cheap – I know I could have saved more money by having third party only insurance, but I’m trying to think long term here. Whilst that might have saved me money upfront, if anything happened I’d be in much more trouble. So I’m paying more for comprehensive cover, with the knowledge that I don’t have to worry as much if disaster strikes in the future (fingers crossed that it won’t).

My monthly payments are higher than they could have been, but I’d rather have freed up that extra money now for while I’m re-budgeting, because it gives me more options. Besides, I managed to find a new little new customer deal by swapping, so it’s very similar in cost to my old one, but with lower deductibles and no down payment. Anyway, this is the cheapest car insurance in Texas, that’s for sure. As long as it cheap and good that’s all that matters! I’m also paying a lot less than I did for car insurance in ga; which is surprising!

So with the insurance and energy bills out of the way, it’s time to move on to my next month of budgeting-  looking at everyday spend. Wish me luck!